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Associate Member
Very few, if any, businesses in the travel industry operate at 100% occupancy or utilisation and would like to sell their excess capacity without having to slash rates. This is where Direct Travel Club can help.

The Concept
The idea behind DTC is to allow corporate members to exchange their excess capacity for Travel Tokens at their full rate or tariff which they can then spend to purchase other services or redeem them for cash. If they chose to spend them they will receive services for their full value. If however they decide to sell them or a proportion of them they will receive 50% of their value in cash. This means that companies or private individuals can therefore buy these Tokens at 50% of their face value.

How does it work ?
Each associate member pays an annual membership fee and is then allowed to purchase Travel Tokens through DTC. The value of each Token is £1.00 but the member will only pay 50p. If for example a member wishes to buy 1000 Tokens this will cost them £500.00. Remember the corporate member is selling his Travel Tokens at 50% of there face value. Once the associate member has his Travel Tokens he can then purchase services from corporate members. The price for the service will be advertised in Travel Tokens and this is

the rate that will be charged. For example if a hotel has a normal rack rate equivalent to £100.00 per night the associate member will be charged 100 Travel Tokens, but because he only paid 50p per Token, the room is actually costing £50.00. A company who spends £10,000 per year on travel related services will be able to have the same purchasing power for a cost of £5,000.

How many Travel Tokens can each associate members purchase ?
An Associate member may buy a maximum of 1000 Tokens for a subscription of 50, 3000 Tokens for a subscription of 100 and an unlimited amount for a subscription of 200

How much does membership cost ?
As explained above the annual membership fee depends on how many tokens each members wants to buy with the minimum fee being £50.00 The only other cost is a commission fee of 2.5% charged by DTC on the purchase and sale of tokens. Vat is also applicable at the current rate on membership fees and commission charges but not on the value of tokens

How do I make a reservation ?
Complete the service request form which will be e-mailed to the host member who will then reply within 24 hours as to the availability of the requested service.

If the reply is negative it means the host member cannot accept the booking as requested. If you wish to try another host or change your requirements you must complete a new service request form.

If the reply is affirmative the booking will be held for 48 hours by which time you must decide whether or not you wish to proceed by clicking on the appropriate link which will be e-mailed to the host member who will confirm their acceptance.

At this stage the token accounts of the members will be debited and credited accordingly.

How do I join ?
Simply read our terms and conditions, then fill out the secure online application form and submit it to the Direct Travel Club

Read the terms and conditions